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Paris is divided into 20 districts called "arrondissements" and they are numbered 1 to 20.

The last two numbers of the post code identify the arrondissement.

NOTE: I have apartments available all over Paris, I have listed just a small selection of my personal favourites.

All apartments include use of utilities, gas and electricity, air conditioning is sometimes extra. Most apartments have wifi capacity and telephones, televisions and radios. Smokers are urged to smoke only in outside areas of apartments. I can tell you which places are suitable.

In many apartments in Paris, the toilet is separate from the bathroom.

Private car transfer can be organised from airports or stations, or if you want your own car and driver for a day out to Giverny or Disneyland. Transfers from airports start at €90.

Although prices quoted are per week, the minimum stay is 3 nights, and this is calculated on a forfait scale. If €1400 per week it will be €1400 divided by 7 days plus 10-25%.



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